Eastman: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui – 4D (2016)

In the work of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui duets play an important part. Together with Akram Khan he danced zero degrees, with María Pagés Dunas and with Shantala Shivalingappa Play. But he also creates exciting duets for his dancers. 4D is a suite of four of his best recent duets. One of them he created in close collaboration with French-Belgian choreographer Damien Jalet. The four duets demonstrate the versatility and innovative character of Cherkaoui’s work, who is at this moment considered one of the most inspirational contemporary choreographers in the world.

Pure was originally made as part of a site-specific festival on the beaches of Oostende – this lyrical, virtuosic duet also featured in TeZukA, Cherkaoui’s 2011 homage to Osamu Tezuka, founding father of modern manga.

Jennifer White performed ‘Pure’ with Vebjorn Sundby covering for Guro Schia.