Sarah Brightman: DreamChaser Tour (2013-2014)

The Dreamchaser World Tour is a 2013-2014 concert tour by English Soprano singer Sarah Brightman in support of her album Dreamchaser.”Dreamchaser” tour consists of her performing 86 shows over a seven-month time span. It has been her biggest tour since the Harem World Tour in 2004, and it is also her worldwide tour with more dates in Asia and South America. Brightman also added dates in countries where she has never performed before, such as United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

The performances were directed by director Anthony Van Laast, who worked in Brightman’s previous Symphony: Live in Vienna show. The band and dancers comprise some of the world’s most respected session musicians and performers.

Band: Peter Murray – Musical Director, Keys, Pianist. Mark Pusey – Drums & Percussion. Olli Cunningham – Keys, Synths. Gunther Laudahn – Guitars, Harps, Glockenspiel

Dancers: Jennifer White and Gemma Payne

Guest Vocalist: Erkan Aki