Basement Jaxx + Metropole Orkest Barbican (2011)

The combined forces of Basement Jaxx’s uniquely skewed take on dance music, the Metropole Orkest’s cutting edge approach to orchestral interpretation, and Jules Buckley’s innovative conducting and groundbreaking arrangements takes Blaze by storm for two nights.

This is the music of Basement Jaxx like you’ve never heard it – sweeping orchestral versions of hits including ‘Red Alert’, ‘Where’s Your Head At’, ‘Good Luck’ and ‘Raindrops’, conducted and orchestrated by leading London composer, Jules Buckley, in collaboration with Basement Jaxx themselves, with performances featuring Jennifer White and Lil Buck. Alongside many of the singers from their legendary live show alongside the 40-voice Crouch End Festival Chorus.

Jennifer White Choreographed and Performed at the Barbican alongside Basement Jaxx and the Metropole Orkest with Dancer Lil Buck.